Discover the types of 1:1 with Noeleen

Holistic Coaching

Open your mind to new perspective. Receive expert guidance and support in creating long-lasting and sustainable life changes that will heal your hormonal imbalances, allowing you to regain your life and have a deep understanding and connection with your body and menstrual cycle.

Integrative Treatments

Experience integrated Chinese medicine treatments tailored to your individual needs, encompassing your whole being – mental-emotional, physical, spiritually – and treating the root of your symptoms for lasting change.

Yoga Practice

Whatever your motivation for getting on the mat, working one-to-one is a wonderful way to tailor your practice to your needs and curiosity. Whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey, a long-term student or teacher, this is an opportunity to receive custom guidance within your practice.

Access dedicated 1:1 time with me for personalised care and guidance and transform your health and life. Wherever you may be in your healing journey, I am here to support you.

Available in-person and virtually

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