A lovely time to press pause, rest, reflect.

Just as winter brings about so many rituals, spring brings the promise of longer days, of growth and freshness. We dust off the cobwebs, open the windows wide and allow the scents of spring to fill the air.  Bathing in the vital energy of spring and providing the body with an inner spring cleaning just as we clean our homes. As flowers and buds on trees appear, we create space in our bodies for new beginnings, full of growth, energy and life.

Through many years of guiding and teaching, I will share practices that support you in deepening your self-awareness and inner guidance as you feel one with the seasons and nature.

This 3 hour mini-retreat will involve breathwork to activate our power centre, yoga postures and sequences that are designed to help us let go of any limiting beliefs, frustration and irritability. The journey we will go on will help to inspire creative solutions to life's challenges. We will weave in acupressure and massage along with time for reflection with journalling, and group practices before finishing with a deep relaxation to nourish from the inside out as we plant our seeds of intention for the coming seasons.

  • Tune into your heart and ignite the fire within
  • Release any energetic blocks through breathwork and movement
  • Embodied and energising flow practice to support the Liver and Gallbladder meridians
  • Planting seeds of intention through yoga nidra
  • Space to journal and engage in group practices
  • Take action from a place of inner wisdom


Where: Zenergy Yoga Studio, Main St, Blackrock, Co. Louth

Investment: €40

Click the link below or email for with any questions and other booking options.

Booking is essential.

*This includes all materials for the day, including yoga mats, bolsters, cushions, blankets, yoga blocks, eye pillows, etc. You are welcome to bring your own mat for extra comfort.  The idea is to come as you are.

**T+C apply.

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