Cycles + Seasons

Those who have a desire to better understand their menstrual cycle and how menstrual cycle awareness can support their life, enhance their creativity and wellbeing. It is for anyone with the willingness to experiment with cycle journalling and meditation and make the commitment to the programme and to themselves.

Many women find their cycle doesn’t consistently follow a 28-day pattern. You can still follow the programme, and get to know each phase of your cycle more intimately. You will find that charting your cycle can make life much easier for you.

Not a problem, all levels of experience are welcome. This is a great way to both begin and deepen your practice.

You’ll need approximately 1.5 – 2 hours per week to view or read the lessons, listen to the meditations and to journal.

Yes, you are more than welcome to join the programme and chart your cycle based on the lunar (moon) cycle. Cycles + Seasons contains guidance, knowledge and practices that will benefit anyone who has a period, or had ever had a period. The contents of this programme are grounded on the principles of Chinese medicine and the connection between the menstrual cycle, lunar (moon) cycle and seasonal cycle. I will give guidance on how you can still work with the Cycles + Seasons framework. For example, each season will refer to the time in the menstrual cycle and lunar cycle. All the meditations will mention womb and womb space as energetically.

You are welcome to directly message me via my contact form as the seasons during pregnancy can differ and depends on your particular needs.

Of course. You are welcome to contact me via my contact form.

You have access to the online material for 6 months.  The meditations and pdf are downloadable for you to continue using.  

You can sign up here and receive your free guide on charting your cycle along with other resources.

Cycles + Seasons

Course start date: this is a self-study programme available now. Register today to receive your first module.
Course duration: 5 weeks
Investment: €149

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