In-Flow Series

All are welcome to join this programme. Whether you are just beginning, looking to begin again, a seasoned yogini or teacher this programme is suitable for you.

Vinyasa means ‘movement linked with breath.’ Often referred to as flow yoga as postures are sequenced together in a short or long flow, moving seamlessly through the sequence with the breath.

Encouraging the balance between yin and yang, the feminine and masculine energy within.

Yin yoga works on the yin tissues of the body, the connective tissues– ligaments, joints, deep fascia and even the bones. It involves holding the pose for a period of time to allow the connective tissue to respond by making them a little longer and stronger. It is a quieter, slower practice focusing more on stillness, allowing space for deep thought and tuning into flow of energy within the meridians, the emotions and mental awareness, mindfulness.

Tap into feminine energy within, think of those mothering qualities, nurturing and nourishing.

Many women find their cycle doesn’t consistently follow a 28-day pattern. This series is an intuitive practice, designed in a way that you can adapt your practice to your needs every time you step onto your mat. If one phase of your cycle is longer or shorter you may like to continue that week’s practice for longer.

All levels of experience are welcome. This is a great way to both begin and deepen your practice as it is about tuning into your body. Take the practice at your own pace and listen to your body. Remember it can take a few sessions to become familiar with each practice, be gentle on yourself. By the end of the series, you will find your flow.

You are welcome to book a 1:1 virtual or in-person yoga session, if you live nearby, at any stage of your journey to further support your practice.

Of course. You are welcome to contact me via my contact form.

You can sign up here and receive your free guide on charting your cycle along with other resources.

In-Flow Series

Coming July 2022
Course duration: 12 weeks
Investment: €225

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