February Theme – Self-Love

This month’s theme is all about cultivating the most important relationship you will ever have – the one with yourself. It’s a topic I have written about and explored many times.

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery that goes far beyond the physical aspects by way of deepening the connection between mind, body and spirit – our true selves. It cultivates a deep reverence and love for our  body as a temple often initiating change in other aspects of our life. Each week through our practice we’re invited to set an intention around the theme of self-love.

Letting go of the external noise

In the busyness of life we can get lost in comparison, striving for more and creating tension in our body and mind. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, down about ourselves, questioning our worth and value and at times lead to burnout. This can show up in many ways affecting our health, our work and relationships.

By taking time to step away from the external noise of day-to-day life we find a space where we can tune into the quiet voice within and cultivate a more intimate relationship with ourselves. The practice of yoga becomes the act of listening to what our body needs in each moment and choosing to honour that. We often focus so much on giving to others – to our loved ones, our children, our work – that we forget about ourselves. This can leave us feeling drained. Our practice is a reminder that we too deserve our time, our energy and our love. That we consciously must make an effort to fill our own cup. The more we care for ourselves, the more we have to give to those around us.

Self-love is being able to hold space for ourselves, creating a sense of stability, safety and steadiness within. We celebrate all that we are and honour our uniqueness. We also learn to ground ourselves during the more challenging times. To let go of the struggle that comes from comparing ourselves to others. To be with any difficult emotions, any judgemental thoughts or feelings of self-doubt, self-worth and begin to peel back the layers and uncover our true potential.

Every time we step onto our mat we connect with our inner strength, our power and feel the constant support and stability of the earth beneath us. As we root into the earth it yields us to rise – it allows space in the day to lovingly express self-care in action and to stay present in this moment.

This peeling back of layers takes time and patience and is more than one yoga session. It is through the consistency with which we show up for ourselves that we can show up for others.

When you step onto your mat you are invited to explore what self-love means to you.

Physically you may explore where you are pushing yourself too hard? Where can you soften into? Maybe even where can you feel more strength?

Mentally, where are you being overly critical or judgemental? How can you invite more compassion, kindness and love into these moments? Practice acknowledging all the amazing things you do, all the amazing things you love about yourself – nurture the voice of your Inner Cheerleader.

Emotionally, holding space to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, to be a container and build emotional resilience, noticing when you are reacting in fear and cultivating responding with love, compassion and kindness.

Give yourself the gift of love this month and join in whether through one-to-one sessions, group sessions in-studio and online.

With love



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