January Theme – Freedom

Yoga is a celebration of the freedom we experience in our minds, our hearts, our bodies and our soul. Instead of seeking freedom on the outside, it opens us to the freedom that exists within. When we create change within it has a ripple effect on our experience of the world around us.

A new moon signifies a new theme and this month it is ‘Freedom’. Each week we’re invited to set an intention around the theme of freedom, with practice including pranayama (breathwork), asana flow and a guided yoga nidra practice.

Each time we step onto our mats we are given the opportunity to explore releasing our attachment to thoughts, beliefs, labels, habits, behaviours and patterns that no longer serve us and create space. Physically we can target the chest, diaphragm, belly, shoulders and hips with various yin poses and yang movements as we breathe deep into our belly, clearing any stagnation and tension.  Space and freedom are created through mindfully finding our edges, leaning into them and breathing to soften our edges, allowing more space and freedom. We stimulate our fascia to experience a deeper release.

Over the first few weeks of January we’ll explore our connection to ourselves our intuition and each other through opening our hearts. In the moments of stillness we can feel we are connected on a deeper level to that quiet voice within. Without effort we naturally begin to align our actions with our true essence and are guided by our inner compass.  We calm our minds, finding peace with what is and accepting our bodies exactly as they are. We begin to make decisions more easily and say yes to the things the things that light us up. We love what is knowing that if not now, something better it on its way. Everything is in flow.

As we move our bodies balancing effort and ease, containment and freedom, strength and softness we hold space for ourselves and learn to hold space for those around us. We free ourselves of our own limitations and embrace a feeling of true freedom, inner peace and contentment.

Join me in the exploration of freedom and what it means to you – mental-emotionally, physically and spiritually. You may wish to journal on what freedom means to you.

Maybe you desire mental-emotional freedom from the demands of everyday life, the relationships we experience with self and others. Do you have a deep sense of trust within each of your relationships, a sense of freedom that supports you in thriving? Where do you find it easy or difficult to establish healthy boundaries? in what way(s) do you express your feelings? Are you able to ask for what you need?

You may desire a sense of physical freedom in your body and/or in the material world. A space to breathe, release any stress or tension and celebrate who you are in this moment. Is there a part of you that desires financial freedom? The freedom to travel, have choices and make decisions and to go after what you want?

Or maybe it is the spiritual freedom to believe and connect in with something greater than us all.

Freedom can mean different things for us all. Sometimes it can be scary and it’s good to sit with that too.

If this theme resonates with you and you’d like to work on the theme of freedom as we enter the new year, I would love to have you join me either in group classes or one-to-one.
Give yourself the gift of freedom this January.
With love,
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