Optimise your Cycle

Our menstrual cycles and periods are the only outward sign we have of our health. Yet it’s amazing how little value we place on them.

Perhaps you're experiencing irregular cycles, heavy/scanty periods, pelvic pain, emotional imbalances, PMS/PMDD, there is so much we can do to optimise your menstrual cycle. Whatever the problem we are highly skilled in dealing with menstrual issues and giving you tools to get to know your body and assist you in easing your symptoms. When we optimise our menstrual cycle, we’re optimising our lives.

Your emotions and menstrual cycle go hand in hand. Understanding what your periods are telling you about your emotional and physical health is central to our practice. 

We recommend booking an initial consultation with Noeleen to understand your specific needs and while you are waiting for your appointment you can start my Cycles + Seasons programme and begin understanding your cycle today.

Some of the ways we support you in optimising your cycle include:
  • Acupuncture to regulate your cycle, relieve pain and support your nervous system regulation

  • Education on the menstrual cycle and BBT charting

  • Chinese herbal medicine to move stagnation and boost energy 

  • Easily to follow dietary, nutritional and lifestyle guidance

  • Mindfulness practices to support emotional wellness

  • Comprehensive testing and collaborating with healthcare professionals

  • Informed birth control support 

  • Provide a warm, caring and supportive environment for you to be seen 

Different people, different treatments

We support women through all stages of life and recommend booking an initial consultation to discuss your individual needs. The treatment plan we decide on together will reflect your individual needs and your unique set of circumstances.
We commonly treat people who have:
  • Irregular cycles or no periods (amenorrhoea)

  • Endometriosis and adenomyosis 

  • Emotional imbalances: anxiety, irritability, moodiness

  • Fibroids, cysts, polyps

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Menstrual cramps and pelvic pain

  • Heavy and clotty / scanty periods

  • Midcycle bleeding / spotting

  • PCO / PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)

  • PMS / PMDD

‘I've been attending Noeleen for a few years for both acupuncture and yoga and have had great results and enjoyed both immensely. She is so incredibly skilled at what she does. Her knowledge in women's health is amazing and her holistic, calming approach to everything she does is infectious and healing. Everyone can benefit from a little bit of Noeleen in their lives!’
- Louise

Noeleen is a registered practitioner with the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA), British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM-UK).

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