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Seasonal Mini-Retreat Series 2023

Each season brings its own unique medicine and this mini-series offers an embodied, Qi-filled experience for you to enjoy. Especially designed for women of all ages to honour our connection to nature, the female body and how the seasons reflect the dynamic shifts of our body's cycles.

Marrying fascial integration with traditional yoga, pranayama and meditation, each Tonic incorporates a bespoke yin / yang flow paired with the all vital organs the vital organs according to Five Element theory in TCM. Expect strong movement, designed to foster internal strength, met with the enduring, equanimous and grounding nature of yin shapes.

Receive the opportunity to rest, rejuvenate and restore from the daily habits and reconnect to your most vibrant and natural self. Join me for an individual Tonic or savour the whole experience.

With love,


Focuses on Liver and Gallbladder meridians

*Warning: You may feel rested, restored and re-energised after taking this tonic

1. Spring Tonic Mini Retreat
Sat 1 April 2023 | 10.00am - 1.00pm

The arrival of spring brings a sense of renewal, rebirth and growth. In Chinese medicine it’s connected to element of Wood, Liver and Gallbladder. Just as we spring clean our homes, we spring clean our bodies, moving Qi and blood, supporting our lymphatic system. Letting go of all that no longer serves us and inviting in the new. The Liver known as the ‘General Commander’ regulates our whole body. During this season we are asked to balance our need for flexibility and stability with compassion and kindness to maintain emotional balance as anger and frustration often appear when the Liver is under pressure. This specially curated retreat promises to nourish your body, mind and soul, the fertile ground for the seeds of potential within.

Venue: Zenergy Yoga Studio, Main St, Blackrock, Co. Louth
€40 (everything is provided on the day).

Focuses on the Heart and Small Intestine meridians

*Known to encourage an increase in feel good vibes

2. Summer Tonic Mini-Retreat
Sat 24 June 2023 | 2.00pm - 5.00pm

The abundance of summer connects us to the element of Fire and the energy of the Heart and Small Intestine. It’s a time for expansion, celebration, generosity and radiance. The equilibrium of our heart and mind is our greatest reward. When balanced we are the life and soul of the party, warm and benevolent and when imbalanced there is a disconnection to our heart, sadness and a unquiet spirit. We are asked to give and receive in a healthy manner.

This retreat is centred around resting in the safety of our heart as we connect to our spirit and a deep sense of pleasure, joy and gratitude. The Heart is the 'Emperor' in Chinese medicine. Open your heart and be in awe and reverence of your magnificence. You are already more than enough. You are so worthy of your heart's desires.

Venue: Zenergy Yoga Studio, Main St, Blackrock, Co. Louth
€40 (everything is provided on the day)

Focuses on the Spleen and Stomach meridians

*You may feel grounded, centred and revitalised

3. Late Summer Tonic Mini-Retreat
Sat 2 September 2023 | 10.00am - 1.00pm

Late summer is an extra season in Chinese medicine and represents the Earth element and the Spleen and Stomach. Our core centre and source of nourishment. A digestive tonic to support the transformation and transportation of Qi, our vital energy. Late summer is a time of transition from yang to yin and a time when we may need extra support and nourishment as our immune system adapts to the changing climate. Worry and pensiveness can signify imbalance and practice is centred around our core to bolster confidence and clarity. We connect to the supportive, nurturing and grounding energy of the earth as we navigate our lives, centred and sure. Have faith, trust and patience as we focus on the things we can control and hand over the rest.

Venue: Zenergy Yoga Studio, Main St, Blackrock, Co. Louth
€40 (everything is provided on the day)

Focuses on the Lung and Large Intestine meridians

*Known to leave you feeling lighter, calm and focused. Transformations may occur. 

4. Autumn Tonic Mini Retreat
Sat 21 October 2023 | 10.00am - 1.00pm

A season of many colours, Autumn connects us to the element of Metal, the quality of transformation and the Lung and Large Intestine. Known as the tender organs we can experience both the imbalance of long held grief and sadness and a sense of deep gratitude and appreciation. Balancing our Lungs and Large Intestine separates and clears the pure from the impure to harmonise our energy, mobilise any long-standing sadness and tonify our bodies immunity. Think of the trees in Autumn, the transformation they go through before they shed their leaves with trust and ease that new growth will come again in spring. There's a deep sense of calmness and confidence, with truthfulness and integrity. Let this tonic inspire discernment, refinement, and profound letting go.

Venue: Zenergy Yoga Studio, Main St, Blackrock, Co. Louth
€40 (everything is provided on the day)

Focuses on the Kidney and Bladder meridians

*You may feel deeply nourished, calm and unlock your potential.

5. Winter Tonic Mini Retreat
Date to be confirmed | 10.00am - 1.00pm

Winter connects us to the element of Water and Kidney and Urinary Bladder. It is a time to promote stillness, reflection, and nourish our spiritual and emotional lives. Regarded as the powerhouse of all of the body, the kidneys play an integral in regulating and maintaining our body’s waterworks, and our creativity and fertility. Balancing movement and rest is essential to keeping us rooted in busy and stressful times in our lives and avoid burning the candle at both ends. Allow any limiting beliefs be cleansed by the earth. Just as a tree draws its sap down into the trunk and descending to the roots for hibernation and deep rest to be nourished by the earth. Move past your fears and awaken the wisdom within, to your seeds of potential. 

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