Some lovely words from clients

Noeleen is an amazing therapists. From the first consultation onwards you know Noeleen will do her absolute best to help you. She puts clients at their ease, appointments never feel rushed, she really gets to know her clients and as a result can focus in on areas where she can help them. She has helped me greatly with my cycle and from early on in our sessions my cycles began to become regular and had stayed regular since.
For anyone in doubt about acupuncture I would highly recommend Noleen as a therapist, she is so passionate about the human body and keeping your body and mind healthy and the connection between the two.

I attended Noeleen threw my infertility journey and I found her professional, understanding and compassionate towards my situation. After trying acupuncture my cycles became regular which then helped me to have a successful ivf transfer and pregnancy. I couldn't rate Noeleen high enough best decision I made to attend her clinic and she went above and beyond to help me relax and learn to meditate, all in all a very positive experience.

I went to Noeleen for acupuncture following a recommendation from a friend. It was at a difficult time in my life and my sleep was interrupted. I was peri-menopausal also which didn’t help. I felt Noeleen had a healing energy that benefited me hugely. I needed time and space to work through things and Noeleen has amazing therapeutic qualities that I needed at the time. The acupuncture (first time trying it) was amazing and Noeleen helped to reset and restore things. I also did a yoga workshop that was so restorative. I can’t thank Noeleen enough for helping me and I have no hesitation in recommending her as I’m sure she will help many others along life’s journey.
- Deirdre

‘I am truly grateful to Noeleen for all the wonderful acupuncture sessions through the years. Noeleen is a true professional who has empathy and compassion in abundance. I have rediscovered a sense of calm within myself as a result of Noeleen's holistic approach through acupuncture, dietary advice and breathing exercises. I always come away from my appointment with Noeleen feeling relaxed and with a sense of mental and physical wellbeing.’

I suffered with terrible pain in my leg and arm and after acupuncture treatments with Noeleen I’m pain free. I found her lovely to deal with and go regularly for maintenance. I would highly recommend her.
- Evelyn

A big thank you to Noeleen I visited her a few months ago for acupuncture. I found her very professional. My first vist I was in a lot of pain she put me at ease. It helped me. I found noeleen a very good listener. I would highly recommend her for acupuncture.

‘I’ve attended Noeleen’s clinic regularly over the last 10 years. The care, kindness and expertise she provides at each visit allows me to feel better almost instantly. Noeleen offers a safe and welcoming environment and she is a wealth of knowledge in all things health & wellbeing. Can’t wait for my next treatment.’

‘I've been attending Noeleen for a few years for both acupuncture and yoga and have had great results and enjoyed both immensely. She is so incredibly skilled at what she does. Her knowledge in women's health is amazing and her holistic, calming approach to everything she does is infectious and healing. Everyone can benefit from a little bit of Noeleen in their lives!’
- Louise

‘Having led a very stressful life both business and personal I finally found Noeleen. She helped me reduce stress levels and learn to relax through her very professional acupuncture sessions, Noeleen is a very thoughtful and gentle lady I and would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing stress.’

‘I attended Noeleen's practice throughout the last year for sessions of acupuncture. Having previously known Noeleen through the wonderful baby massage and yoga classes she facilitated, I knew she was the right person to help. I had been through a difficult number of months in terms of my health and acupuncture helped me enormously. During her consultations, Noeleen has an amazing ability to listen, to understand and has an extensive knowledge of what the body requires in order to heal and repair. She is highly professional in her work, having outstanding qualities that aren't found very often. I cannot recommend Noeleen highly enough. Thanks for everything Noeleen.’

My first appointment with Noleen was when I was undergoing fertility treatment. I was very emotional and Noleen was a great listener and made me feel very at ease. She worked both with my husband and I. Noleen went above and beyond to fit acupuncture around my IVF cycle. I firmly believe that my third round of IVF was a success due to a combination of her support both emotionally and physically. I went on to work with Noleen throughout my pregnancy through yoga and again after my little boy was born. My son and I bonded through baby yoga and baby massage under the calming and soothing environment which Noleen created. I'll be forever grateful for both her professionalism and her personable approach through a very challenging time in my life. Claire x

‘Noeleen has a map in her mind of every point on the body, like an astronomer mapping out the sky. The needles had strong tingling sensation, but within a few minutes my mindset had started to shift. The anxiety was just floating off me as drifted off into a daydream. The body has a great power to fix itself, and this was giving it the wake up it needed. I came out thinking wow, that was the best action I have taken all year to get back on track! Why didn't I do this sooner?! Thanks Noeleen, see you again.’
- Lisa

‘I first met Noeleen through baby massage classes about 8 years ago and she has been my calm through many a storm since. Noeleen's hands have settled my cranky babies, eased their relentless chesty coughs, and worked wonders on my back with her magic needles whilst recovering from slipped discs. I now go to Noeleen whenever life gets too stressful and, like magic, calm and balance is restored to my life, and I feel re-energised. If you are sceptical about needles or alternative treatments, Noeleen is the person for that first visit. It quickly becomes clear that Noeleen is a highly qualified professional and has an in-depth knowledge of treatments and techniques. A visit to Noeleen is much more than a treatment. She is a calm, empathetic, beautiful, and generous person who can see and treat the whole person.’
- Joanne

‘I had three sessions of acupuncture with Noeleen to try and help with poor circulation in my feet after having covid. It was my first time having acupuncture and Noeleen's expertise in this field was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I feel that the acupuncture sessions also helped greatly with increasing my energy levels and definitely levelled the issues out. It got me back on track much quicker. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Noeleen!’
- Gerard

I went to see Noeleen when I had my baby almost one year and my energy levels were very low. Even mentally I felt drained. Noeleen is a brilliant listener and I could easily open up to her and trust. Through acupuncture I gained my energy back.
I couldn’t believe how great it worked. It was the first time I tried acupuncture and I always would try it again. It’s such a calming and gentle approach to the body.
- Claudia

‘I recently saw Noeleen for a series of acupuncture sessions. After a considerable lengthy stressful period in my life, I wanted to prioritise myself and my health, physical, mental and emotional. My energy was low in every way, so I was looking to restore balance and energy, and a connection with myself that I felt I had lost under stress. Noeleen provided a space where I felt welcome, understood and nurtured. Acupuncture for me is in the immediate very relaxing, and also over time boosts my energy. I began to feel myself again for the first time in a while. I look forward to building on what I achieved so far in my sessions. I'm very grateful for the support you have provided.’

‘I went to see Noeleen for fertility acupuncture treatment while going through IVF. Noeleen did not only give me the best care through acupuncture, but also shared a wealth of knowledge and practical holistic advice to support me both emotionally and physically. Each session, she took as long as needed to ensure I had the space necessary to leave her treatments reenergised, calm and reassured. I cannot be more grateful to have met her, would highly recommend her, and as I said to my friend, everybody should have a Noeleen in their life.’

'Noeleen is a wonderful acupuncturist with a very calming manner. She's a great listener and offers sound advice on how to deal with emotional and physical issues with breathing techniques, meditation in addition to her vast expertise with acupuncture pressure points. I always felt revitalised and very relaxed after our sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone!'

Thanks to Noeleen I now have two fabulous children, Ronan, aged 3, and Mia, aged 9 months, after 5 years trying.
Noeleen was brilliant support especially with Mia when I experienced a threatened miscarriage. I rang Noeleen from work in a bit of a state. She advised me to ring my doctor and then go home to bed and take it easy. She said that she could call on her way home from work and do some points if I wanted. It was great she gave me some acupuncture and herbs. After 2 sessions my progesterone levels started rising and my bleeding finally stopped. It was an extremely tough time, but Noeleen was a great support. Her knowledge and listening skills are excellent-she always makes you feel so welcome.

My baby Mark experienced a traumatic delivery where he had to be pulled out with forceps and was rushed to Crumlin wit suspected head injuries where he stayed for 2 weeks. Luckily, he was fine, but they said he may have some vocal chord damage. Mark appeared very jumpy and nervous and when breathing out he made a crying sound even when sleeping. I had been attending Noeleen for chronic back pain-which also helped massively-and I inquired about Mark. I took Mark for acupuncture and instantly he seemed more settled. After 3 sessions he was so content and his breathing normalised-no crying sound. I was also shown points to massage for general strengthening, which was great.

‘Noeleen’s clinic is an oasis of calm.’

Joan, aged 69 had been suffering from severe arthritic pain in her hands and back. She had just spent 2 weeks in bed and no drugs offered great relief.
“My friend recommended Noeleen to me and I couldn’t believe the results. I normally had a flare-up every 2-3 weeks and was unable to walk half a mile, after 5 sessions I had no pain and could walk 2-3 miles regularly. I just attend acupuncture every 4 months for a top-up or if I feel a niggle of pain and it settles it instantly. It is great not having to any medication now.”
Thank you so much Noeleen

I was booked in for labour induction on Tuesday. I contacted Noeleen on the Friday, as a friend recommended acupuncture. It was my first baby and I really didn’t want to be induced. I was terrified of needles but Noeleen was great, she managed to fit me in on the Friday, Saturday and Monday. Her technique was so gentle and she had a great calming influence on me. The first day she even stayed in the room with me and did some breathing techniques. On the Monday night my precious little baby girl was born naturally.
Thanks a million, Mary

‘Noeleen provided a haven of hope & healing which helped me deal with grief & loss. I gained so much from every session with this beautiful soul - from yoga tips, counselling, meditation & amazing acupuncture treatments.’
- Avril

‘Over the past number of years I have dipped in and out of acupuncture when times and life got tough! I always loved how I left my session with Noeleen feeling I had set my charger again ready for another week. Thank you Noeleen.’

‘My health has improved immensely since I began acupuncture. Noeleen tailored the treatment to suit my needs and listened carefully. I stopped using steroids for my asthma after acupuncture as I don’t need them anymore. Noeleen is a superb professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and observant. She has a lovely calm professional manner which helps her clients relax and benefit greatly from her treatments. Noeleen also teaches meditation very well.’

I had been trying everything to bring on my labour. I had been walking loads and Noeleen explained that my energy was low and advised that I rested more as it was vital that I had enough energy for my labour. The treatments were brilliant and very relaxing. After 3 sessions and 8 days overdue I gave birth to my beautiful gem. Her nadvice was brilliant and the acupressure points for my labour really helped…I didn’t need any drugs!!
Thank you, Gosia

‘Noeleen provides a very professional service given with excellent knowledge for any of the areas that I had issues with. She is always friendly and made me feel very comfortable at all times. Thank you so much for all your help in first conceiving and throughout my pregnancy. You made my dream come true.’

To Noeleen,
I want to say a big thank you for the help you have given to me during a difficult time for me.
Wishing you all the best, Kieran

‘My daughter’s lungs were sore from wheezing due to asthma, Noeleen gave her a wonderful soothing massage. She was relaxed afterwards; her breathing was improved and her mood was happier. She also taught me points to massage that were a great help.’

Thank you for all your help, support and advice over the past year!! We are very proud and forever grateful of our daughter Emma. All the acupuncture sessions helped make it all possible for Emma to be as healthy as she is.
Thanks a million,
Denise & Martin

Hi Noeleen,
I don’t know if it was the acupuncture or third time lucky, but this time the IVF worked. I am now 18 weeks pregnancy, so far, so good. I just wanted to thank you and if I do go down the road of IVF again which I probably will, I’ll definitely be in touch for some acupuncture.
Thanks again,

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