The importance of self-love

February is traditionally the month of love and with Valentine’s just around the corner, there is definitely a feeling of love in the air.  Every shop is filled with red and pink love hearts, gifts, cards, chocolates, restaurants advertising a romantic meal and hotels for a night away.  When you think about what love really is and what it means you where does it lead you? You may ask yourself, ‘Who do you love?’ ‘What does love feel like?’ ‘Are you lovable?’ ‘How do you know you’re in love?’ or ‘How you express love toward yourself?

For such a small word, love means so much and is a vital part of life.  The oxford dictionary describes love as ‘An intense feeling of deep affection.’  Whether it’s a strong affection or sexual attraction to someone, an affectionate greeting or something you have a great interest in.  

The practice of meditation and yoga, encourage you to tune into your heart and to open to loving yourself exactly as you are, even on the messy days.  It provides a space for you to tune into your self-narrative from the negative stories holding you back to the words of encouragement cheering you on in life.  You begin to notice the parts of your body that are easy to connect with and the parts where you feel a sense of disconnect.  Part of healing menstrual irregularities and hormonal balance is exploring your feelings toward your menstrual cycle, your womb and womb space.  You may ask, ‘Why your body isn’t working as it should?’  ‘Why has it let you down?’  ‘What have you done wrong?’  There can be a mix of emotions which start to affect other areas of your life.  Part of healing menstrual irregularities and hormonal balance is exploring your feelings toward your menstrual cycle, your womb and womb space.  Through self-awareness and self-discovery you begin to realise that you have a choice in the thoughts you think, your feelings about yourself, your habits and patterns.  You start to notice that by taking care of yourself it has a ripple effect in your experience of the world around you.  That you are in the driving seat.  This is when real breakthrough happens.    

How would it be to write a list of all the things you love about yourself?

For a moment, allow yourself to change your perspective.  Become aware of your self-talk and be curious.  How you speak to yourself can profoundly change how you feel about yourself, your health and your enjoyment of life.         

A great practice is to write a love letter to yourself.  Make sure you have enough time set aside and without any distraction as it may take some time.  Write a letter using loving speech.  Give gratitude to each part of your body, each aspect of your character/personality.  Tell yourself how amazing your are,  the amazing things your body has done and can do and how it makes you whole.  Tell yourself how great you are. Connect into the uniqueness of you are. Acknowledge the challenges you’ve overcome and the attributes that helped you get to where you are now. Be in awe and reverence of your very being. Allow this exercise to remind you of all the good things you already possess for an immediate shift in your attitude towards your body.  You will find that the person who finishes writing the letter is not the same person who began it.  Peace, understanding and compassion have transformed you.  This is the practice of loving speech.  You may wish to reread your letter to really allow your words to be absorbed into your body.  Connect into the uniqueness of you are. Remember, there is only one you. That nobody else is you. You deserve to be loved and feel love exactly as you are you.

There is no better feeling than love.  Why not treat yourself with love this week?

With love & gratitude,


 “Be loving towards yourself, then you will be able to love others too ”


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