What are the seasons of your cycle?

Your body is incredible and goes through cycles of growth, development and renewal every month.  Yet, how much do you tune into the natural patterns and rhythms of your menstrual cycle?  Maybe you notice there are certain times in your cycle when you feel great, you’re super productive, more confident, more social.  Then there are days where your duvet is calling, you want to hide away from the world and surround yourself in comfort.   You may also notice a change in your eating habits, your desire for exercise, your creativity or your mood.  Are there certain times in your cycle you love and others you dread?  Have you been described as ‘being hormonal’ or heard ‘here she goes again, it must be that time of the month?’

What if I told you there was a way to tap into the hidden resource of your cyclical wisdom and begin to live in flow?  How using your cycle as a guide and plan your month ahead can leave you feeling empowered and at your best throughout all the phases of your cycle?  Each emotion you feel is valid and knowing this can really help. 

Welcome to your body’s inner seasons…

There’s a strong connection in Chinese Medicine between your menstrual cycle, the moon cycle and the seasons – all mirroring the powerful attributes, gifts and intelligence of each other.  Your cycle is broken into four phases which resemble the seasons of the year, your period resembles winter, pre-ovulation spring, ovulation resembles summer and the pre-menstrual phase autumn.  

Living in tune with the natural cycles are the key to hormonal balance, better mental and physical health, more energy, happiness, productivity and growth.  Your hormones affect more than just your period and reproductive health.  They affect how you think, look, feel, energy levels, nutritional needs, exercise, skin, your sex drive and even your weight.  Just as your hormones ebb and flow over the course of the average 28-day cycle, how you feel changes too.  As women we can use our monthly bleed and cycle as an opportunity to tap into the innate rhythms and patterns of our body’s cyclical intelligence.  

Tapping into the hidden resource of your menstrual cycle and cyclical wisdom is essential for all women.   Living in alignment with the four phases of your menstrual cycle can unlock your full potential and the key to living a happy fulfilled life.  

The days given are a guide for you to follow based on the average 28-day cycle.  Day one of the cycle starts from the first day of your bleed.  If you are experiencing shorter or longer cycles, you will notice which seasons appear to be shorter or longer and begin to follow your innate rhythm and feel empowered by your menstrual cycle.

Winter | Your Period | New Moon | ~ Day 1-6

Winter signals the arrival of your period.  Just as in nature the silent stillness of winter invites you to hibernate, rest and conserve your energy.  As your body is busy releasing the blood in the lining of your uterus, your hormones are at their lowest and you may feel more tired than usual.  In nature the trees are bare, animals hibernate, work is going on but on the inside in preparation for the potential of growth in spring.  

During this phase, you may feel reflective and withdrawn, with a desire to do less and create some quiet time.  This season is the perfect time for slowing down, planning quiet nights in, journaling, reflecting and planning your schedule for the month ahead.  Continuing to push through this phase without resting can lead to you running on empty in later seasons resulting in fertility issues and pre-menstrual symptoms.  Potential grows from a place of strength, so rest is key during this phase.

Give yourself permission to ‘Surrender,’ release what no longer serves you, any tension that has being building up, enjoy the freedom of not knowing and connect to your inner guide and your heart’s desire.  

Spring | Pre-Ovulation | Waxing Moon | ~ Day 7-13

A season of new beginnings, growth, renewal and creativity are the foundations for your next cycle as your lining begins to develop the eggs begin to mature in preparation for ovulation.  As oestrogen levels rise you can feel more optimistic, energetic, confident and outgoing.  Maybe you’ve already noticed a spring in your step after your period?  t’s a great time to begin new projects, take action, try something new as your brain is primed to learn things faster.  During this season connect into the direction you are moving in, your intention and goals, where you are growing in life and allow your creativity to flow.  

Be open, be curious and allow yourself to think big during this season.  Sign up to a new class, take on a challenge, change your routine, or explore a new place – stimulate your beginner’s mind.

Summer | Ovulation | Full Moon | ~ Day 14-19

A season of pleasure, joy and laughter.  Summer is all about fun, laughter, connection and gratitude.  Embrace feeling radiant, confident, and sensual as ovulation arrives and oestrogen peaks.  Energy is in abundance as you step into your fullest expression and say, ‘Yes’ to life.  Nothing holds you back during this phase.  Just as creativity peaks in nature, everything blooms, your egg ripens and you’re looking and feeling your best.    

Nourish your heart by spending time with your family, friends, cook nourishing food, be creative, active and go outdoors.  Plan social events, networking or big presentations in work.  Allow yourself to shine and connect into the vibrancy of nature, of life itself as you prioritise pleasure, joy and delight.  Ask for what you want and wait to receive it.

Autumn | Pre-Menstrual | Waning Moon | ~ Day 20-28

Autumn is the season of transformation and change as you begin to slow down and prepare for winter.  As oestrogen lowers, progesterone rises bringing a calming, soothing affect to your mind and body. You may be feeling more tired as you are called to turn inward and let go of what no longer serves you.  You may be feeling more sensitive, craving time and space to yourself, irritated and extra critical toward yourself and others.  Be gentle and seek support from those around if needed.  Just as the trees allow their leaves to fall to the ground and their trunks to be exposed, things become clearer and you are called to let go of unnecessary demands, set boundaries, make decisions and learn to say, ‘No.’ It’s a time for self-care, getting your life in order and tidying up any loose ends.  

Be vulnerable and allow your true nature to be exposed.  Create space and time to befriend your inner critic, tame the wild woman that speaks her truth and trust your inner guide.  What have you been avoiding?  Where have you been holding back?  Connect to what inspires you, be assertive and prioritise what truly matters to you.  

Begin to tune into your cycle by downloading my free guide to chart your cycle here.  Chart for at least three cycle and feel inspired as you begin to see your innate patterns emerge


Noeleen xx

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