Women’s In-Flow Yoga

Women’s In-Flow Yoga

Inviting you into the deepest sense of self

These classes are designed to move us out of our minds and into our bodies and hearts. Through breathwork, asana practice, and meditation tailored specifically to women’s health and wellbeing we build awareness and restore balance through our whole being.

My style of teaching is influenced by my own practice and many years of bodywork, Chinese medicine and experiential anatomy. I offer a way of working that challenges us to feel and to pay attention to the felt sense at all times. Each week we work intuitively with the natural spirals in our bodies and feel deeply into our cyclical wisdom. Seeing practice as a conversation between body and breath where embodied awareness and respectful listening are key. This is a process where the outcome is not as important as moment to moment attention. By feeling into the fascia as we move and strengthening our vagus nerve we allow tension within the body to be integrated and the flow of energy (Qi/prana/lifeforce) to balance.

Asana practice is made up of movement and the stilling of movement. Paying attention to our body and how we move will have a huge impact on our nervous system which is why yoga practice is good for physical and mental-emotional wellbeing. Sometimes we flow, sometimes we pause and take stock as we grow our capacity to stay present and connect with ourselves and others so that our balance of strength and flexibility becomes a tangible tool for transformation both on and off the mat.

Take your practice where you want to go and live in-flow with life.


  • Confidence and connection
    These sessions build confidence, connection and communication with each other, ourselves and our bodies.
  • Reduce stress and release tension in the body
    Practicing mindfulness, yoga and connecting within provide a feeling of ease both on and off the mat.
  • Women supporting women
    By having a women’s only class it allows women’s health and wellbeing to be the focus. Some women also prefer the idea of women only in a class.
  • Focuses your mind
    Yoga encourages a mindful state, helping you to feel relaxed and calm reducing stress levels.
  • Wellbeing for women
    We practice poses that are created with more fluidity and feeling to mobilise and open the hip joints, build core strength and relieve tension in the body.
  • Connecting with the breath
    The breath is a powerful tool when it comes to our well-being. Learning to connect with the breath, energy also known as the prana, will begin to flow more freely. By allowing our energy to flow, this will give us the skills and tools to push through any emotional and physical blockages. Therefore, allowing us to free both body and mind to relax.
  • Improves Flexibility
    A flow class works the whole body due to the variety of movements incorporated. You will notice an improvement in your range of motion through regular practice.
  • Strengthens Your Body
    The poses in yoga can improve your balance significantly, as well as help with strength and muscle control.

In-Flow yoga is for you…
Whether you are just beginning, looking to begin again, a seasoned yogini or teacher and looking to experience an integrative blend of practices.
Open the doorway to wholehearted joyful living and awaken to the wisdom within

Dates: Thursday 29th September – 27th October

Where:Zenergy Yoga Studio, Blackrock, Dundalk.

Investment: €60 for 5 weeks/€15 Drop-in class

Spaces are limited - Booking is essential

Noeleen Malone-13
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