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Weekly Classes with Noeleen

The perfect tonic for your mind, body and soul

Join Noeleen for her regular classes in Blackrock, Co. Louth and online and enjoy a weekly tonic for the your body, mind and soul.

The Qi Tonic
@Zenergy Yoga Studio | Thursdays 7.30pm - 8.45pm (GMT)

Come and join me for you weekly reset. The YinYang is a natural tonic formulated to bring you back into your natural state of being so you start to live in flow with your body’s natural rhythm. Come as you are and leave feeling restored, energised, and a deep sense of calm. 

Weekly classes currently run in 6-week blocks. 

  • THURS 19th APRIL - THURS 24th MAY 2023
  • THURS 31ST MAY - THURS 5TH JUL 2023 

Limited to 10 x mats. Investment in €70/6-weeks or €12 drop-in. 

The Yin Tonic
Livestream Online | Wednesdays 8.15pm - 9.30pm (GMT)

The Yin Tonic is a yin yoga class specially formulated to support deep relaxation and restful sleep. Let all your stresses melt away as you get your blankets, pillows and bolster (if you have one or two) at the ready.

Weekly classes are currently in recess and will reconvene at the turning of Yang to Yin (Autumn Equinox). Monthly classes run from March through to August. To book, click here.

  • TUES 19th SEPT - TUES 24th OCT 2023
  • TUES 7th NOV - TUES 12th DEC 2023 

Limited to 12 x mats. We recommend pre-registering now to avoid disappointment. 

The Tonic Ingredients

Not sure what class to choose, contact us here with questions or book a private session with Noeleen.

The Qi Tonic

The Qi Tonic is a qi-filled, energising and holistic class formulated to honour the female body and reflect the dynamic shifts of our cycles. Marrying fascial integration with traditional yoga, pranayama and meditation, this class will journey you back to the essence of self in a supported, nurturing space. Noeleen's QiTonic incorporates yin / yang flow: expect strong movement, designed to foster internal strength, met with the enduring, equanimous and grounding nature of yin shapes. 

The Qi Tonic are suitable for newbies, those with some experience or the seasoned yogi who wants a more balanced class. 

Directions: Take all year round.

The Yin Tonic

Yin yoga is a static practice that merges principles of Daoist Yoga (working with the meridians of Chinese medicine) with traditional yoga (working with the energetic mapping of the Chakra system) to create a grounding, nourishing and supportive practice. The shapes are generally held for 3 to 5 minutes to release deeply and bathe the connective tissue of the body with essential fluids required to lengthen, strengthen and support the joints. Noeleen's signature yin yoga classes has a focus on the feminine nature of the practice.

The Sleep Tonic are suitable for both Female and Male able-bodied people of all ages.

Directions: Take weekly from mid-September through to mid-March; Monthly from late -March through to August

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