1:1 Yoga

Yoga is a journey into our deeper self and a vehicle for transformation

1:1 Yoga

Yoga is a journey into our deeper self and
a vehicle for transformation

Whatever your motivation for getting on the mat, working one-to-one is a wonderful way to tailor your practice to your needs and curiosity.

Yoga is more than movement and a form of exercise, it is a practice of self-awareness that drives action and discernment.

Through breath work, mantra, asana, meditation, reflective practice and self-enquiry, I will invite you to explore the relationship you have with your body and how this impacts out actions, behaviours, decisions and relationships.

Through attuning to yourself, your body and needs, I provide a nurturing and safe space designed to support you in gathering your attention within. Bringing forward the parts of you that need to be seen, felt and tended to with compassion, love and appreciation.

I guide and support you in learning and cultivating deep listening skills, your embodied awareness and interception, an understanding of your current needs and how to meet them, greater compassion for your sacred body (home), your agency and self-reliance. Growing your capacity to work with, rather than against, your emotions and body providing you with greater presence and connection, with yourself and others, more pleasure and intimacy along with lifelong skills and practice to empower you to live in flow, ease and harmony with life.

I understand the importance of a practice that is balanced and sustainable and how that might change day-to-day, month-to-month, season-to-season and year-to-year. Navigating those fluctuations takes a training of awareness that invites softness and receptivity, even in the face of challenge and discomfort.

Yoga teaches you how to be with discomfort, pushing your boundaries, and bringing awareness to the inner dialogue you step into both on and off your mat. It is an opportunity to take off the mask and be your authentic and at times messy self, to see the beauty of your body and what lies within.
I am grateful for the gift of yoga and it’s transformational healing. It is a gift to experience and witness the continual fluctuation and growth of the human spirit through yoga.

Whether you are just starting out on your yoga journey, a long-term student or teacher, this is an opportunity to receive custom guidance within your practice.

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