Acupuncture for Hormone Health

Prompting your body’s self-healing abilities to bring you back into balance

Acupuncture is the go to treatment for those wishing to optimise their hormones and reproductive health.

Noeleen provides an integrative approach to treating hormone and menstrual issues, marrying the latest research and findings from modern endocrinology and reproductive science with the age old traditions of Chinese medicine. She is an experienced practitioner supporting both male and female hormone health.

Acupuncture is currently available on our medical premises at South Beach Medical Centre, Blackrock, Co. Louth. It is recommended that new clients book an initial consultation with Noeleen before commencing acupuncture treatment. Consultations are available in-person and online. To book, please click here or contact us here with any questions. 

The aim of the acupuncturist is to create balance and harmony in the body in order to optimise health and wellbeing. We know that acupuncture stimulates and balances different systems in your body, including your endocrine (hormone) system and nervous system. It may strengthen the mind-body connection by regulating mood, boosting energy levels and promoting a greater sense of wellbeing, with many clients reporting feeling calmer."

— Noeleen Malone

Some of the ways we support you to optimise your hormone health include:
  • Acupuncture to regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle 
  • Re-educate you regarding the things you can do to help yourself, such as your diet, lifestyle and outlook
  • Teach you how to track your cycle 
  • Refer you onto specialists as required
  • Comprehensive testing to include functional ranges specifically for hormone health
  • Chinese herbal medicine and supplement support designed for your exact presentation
  • Reduce the stress and confusion associated with hormone health
  • Work alongside treatment strategies including hormonal therapy, surgery and IVF
  • Provide a warm, caring and supportive environment for you to be seen 

Frequently asked questions

After your first appointment I will send you a detailed treatment plan with your recommended frequency of treatment. For hormone and menstrual related clients this is typically weekly, however, this will depend on your health background and your journey so far. As a general rule, I prefer to work with people on a weekly basis for 3 menstrual cycles before reassessing the efficacy of treatment. When booking your initial consult with me, I recommend booking weekly appointments for 3 months in advance to ensure there is no disruption in your treatment plan. 

Acupuncture is cumulative, so while you might not see your main complaint resolved within one treatment. My goal is that you start to see results right away, this might look like getting better sleep, feeling like there is more energy, or better emotional regulation. The length of time to see results will depend on the severity of your condition, as well as the frequency of your acupuncture treatments, whether we are using herbs and the application of lifestyle advice that I provide. During our initial consult we will establish some health milestones that we will use as a measurement of our success together. For fertility treatments an initial plan is typically weekly acupuncture for 3 months. 

Typically the style of acupuncture that I use in all my treatments uses fine needle insertion, and does not hurt. This is really dependent on each individual. Many barely feel anything when needles are inserted. Some people feel a slight pinch, and others ask “Is it in yet?”  

You may experience sensations such as tingling, buzzing or notice movement through the body. If you are needle-phobic please let me know in advance and we can use extra fine needles, and I will work with you each week to slowly build our treatments. I treat many people that have needle phobia and ensure you feel safe at all times.

Not all patients will require herbs, however, in my clinical experience treating hormone and menstrual-related clients, most of my clients do take Chinese herbs. These can be simply in patented tablet form. 

When people come in for the first time, they aren’t sure how long they should stay and rest with the needles in. I often tell my clients to stay for approximately 25 minutes for the treatment to take effect.

Resting with the needles in longer doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a better treatment or more benefit from the treatment. However, if you are in a restful state, feel free to stay as long as you like. The body heals best when it is resting.

However, if your mind is wandering and you aren’t restful, it won’t help you to stay longer. The best thing to do is to listen to your body.

Yes. I am well experienced working alongside IVF and IUI, and am constantly furthering my education and professional development to stay up to date with developments in these areas. My acupuncture and herbal protocols aim to complement your cycle, whether medicated or not. It is common for fertility specialists to refer their clients to acupuncture due to their clinical appreciation of the therapy.

Hormone conditions we commonly treat:
  • Menstrual Imbalance: Irregular or no periods, mid-cycle spotting and bleeding, pelvic pain and cramping, clotting and heavy periods, PMS/PMDD, digestive symptoms, disturbed sleep, mood changes, acne
  • Gynaecological Dysfunction: PCOS, Endometriosis, pain during intercourse, uterine fibroids and polyps, candida, infertility
  • Peri-menopause and Menopause: Hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, loss of libido, fatigue
  • Adrenal Dysfunction: Chronic fatigue, allergies, insomnia, weight changes, irritability, depression, anxiety
  • Insulin Resistance: Fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure
  • Immunological Issues: Hashimoto's thyroiditis, infertility and miscarriage, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Male issues: Male factor fertility, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, digestive issues
The science behind it:

There is a growing body of research supporting the efficacy of acupuncture in hormone health, fertility, mental-emotional support, pain management and digestive health.

Some of the research findings:

  • Ultrasound shows that acupuncture increases blood flow and circulation
  • Acupuncture prompts observable interactions between the brain, hormones and glands which are responsible for regulating a number of bodily processes
  • Thermal imaging and MRI scans show it reduces inflammation and acts as a natural analgesic to pain
  • It increases endorphin output. These are nature’s pain-relieving messengers and accounts for patients feeling more relaxed both during and after treatment along with reducing anxiety.

Noeleen is a wonderful acupuncturist with a very calming manner. She's a great listener and offers sound advice on how to deal with emotional and physical issues with breathing techniques, meditation in addition to her vast expertise with acupuncture pressure points. I always felt revitalised and very relaxed after our sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Noeleen is a registered practitioner with the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA), British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM-UK).

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