Cycles + Seasons

Tap into the hidden resource of your cycle wisdom and change the way you live your life

Cycles + Seasons
Heal Your Hormones: Mindfulness for women

In this rich and empowering 5-week mindfulness programme we will use journalling and meditation to gain a deeper understanding of the inner seasons and your menstrual cycle to cultivate a more intimate relationship with yourself. Receive the roadmap to understanding your cycle, your body and your innate self in a whole new way that makes sense like nothing before.

Learn the ebb and flow of your patterns, habits and mindset – mental-emotionally, physically and spiritually - through the simple practices of journalling, meditation, visualisation and reflection.

These practices have helped me understand my inner seasons and build a deeper relationship with my true nature more than any other method.

I will give you the exact roadmap to begin listening to your body’s signals.

Identify the days of your cycle when your intuition is clearest, creativity is abundant, your energy is vibrant, the joyful/pleasurable moments or the days you need more rest, your inner critic is louder, vulnerability, anger, anxiety or fear arise.

Unlock your potential by becoming still, listening, learning and taking action to enhance your quality of life. Discover how to disrupt what isn’t supporting you and become more skilled at returning to the present moment.

Attain the change you desire.

Participate at your own pace

Each week we will explore an inner season
finishing with transitions.

*Lifetime access

The Four Phases

  • Phase 1

    Inner Spring | Pre-Ovulation | Waxing Moon

  • Phase 2

    Inner Summer | Ovulation | Full Moon

  • Phase 3

    Inner Autumn | Pre-Menstrual | Waning Moon

  • Phase 4

    Inner Winter | Menstruation

  • Phase 5

    Transitions | All Phases | Stages of Change

Each module will take an average of 1.5 hours to complete

What will you receive:

  • Weekly video lessons

    Audio and transcripts also available

  • Guided meditations

    For each cycle phase to connect within

  • Journal prompts

    Begin to use right away, no matter what day of your cycle you are on

  • Worksheets

    Print or pair with your own journal, providing space for self-reflection and integration after each module

  • An eBook for each season

    All your course lessons and resources for future reference

  • Community support

    Through weekly emails, Facebook group along with optional live coaching sessions, as they happen over the year, for next level support

How will this course positively impact you?

  • Develop greater self-awareness and inner knowing

  • Take better care of yourself

  • Find more time to rest and switch off, guilt free

  • Reduce stress

  • Enjoy greater ease and flow in your life

  • Reconnect to your true nature

  • Connect to your purpose and live with clear intention

  • Gain clarity on your purpose and direction in life

  • Feel more empowered and create a life you love

  • Improve your wellbeing, career and relationships

  • Manifest more of what you want, into your life

Cycles + Seasons

Course start date: this is a self-study programme available now. Join today to receive your first module.
Course duration: 5 weeks
Investment: €125

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