My Approach

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Rooted in the ancient principles of Chinese medicine and yoga shared in a modern context.

I believe the 'Path to Happy Health' begins with self-care as a fundamental aspect of wellbeing and is the foundation on which our lives are built.

I believe that the human body has a natural ability to heal itself and maintain a state of optimum health. Symptoms of illness are an expression of imbalance and disharmony and a warning sign from your body. Treating the root of your condition and transforming your health so that you become the co-creator of your life and take things one step at a time.

Our inner world reflects our outer world.

My approach based on my 5 Pillars - Move, Thought, Food, Breathe and Rest - focuses on creating balance and harmony in your whole body - mental-emotional, physical, and spiritual - from the inside-out.

Let lifestyle be your medicine and centre your life around caring for yourself. It’s the daily habits, routines and rituals that truly nourish and nurture your very being. By adapting them to your needs you create steadiness and stability which sustains you through life’s inevitable highs and lows.

If you are enjoying what you are doing and feeling all the health benefits, then it becomes part of your life more easily.

Build solid foundations that feel effortless and make sense.


Move in a way you enjoy and nourish your whole system. Tune in, recognising if you are running on empty and need restorative movement (yin yoga, walking, spending time in nature). Or if you need to get energy moving (yang/flow yoga, dancing, rebounding). Drawing on the wisdom of yoga, nature and your body, moving consciously builds energy achieves strength, inner balance and nourishes your whole system.


Become the observer of your thoughts and create some space. Through meditation, mindfulness and yoga, create much needed space to pause, 'tune in' away from the 'noise' and to step off the cycle of constantly 'doing.' To pause and learn to just be. Our thoughts create how we think and feel, how we react and act. Learn how to choose wisely.


It's not just what you eat, but why you eat, how you eat and how well you digest everything. We have different needs at different stages in our life, no one diet fits all. Explore, learn and engage consciously by tapping into the energetics of food. Honouring your body’s needs, satisfying your tastebuds and enjoying food. Choose foods to warm when you are cold, to cool when warm, moving energy when you feel stuck, bringing your whole body back into balance.


Breath is life. To learn how to breathe consciously is one of the most vital self-care practices. It sustains us, regulating every aspect of our body, allowing space to pause, process and integrate unresolved emotions and expands energy within our body. Leaving you with increased vitality, focus, calming your mind, soothing your nervous system, inviting more presence and joy in your life.


Rest is recovery. It encompasses sleep, restorative yoga, yoga nidra (sleep) practice, integrative treatments (acupuncture, massage). In modern living there is more and more pressure to be always doing, rather than being. We can often forgo sleep to keep up. By prioritising rest, you maintain your body's natural rhythms, increasing energy, decisiveness and performance.

...Do it all with Love

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