Pain Relief

The experience of pain is different for every person and comes in many different forms, from headaches to menstrual cramps, back pain to sport injuries and joint pain. It can be debilitating impacting your overall quality of life. Each treatment is tailored to your needs to ease pain while treating the root cause to provide long lasting relief.

In Chinese Medicine pain is a signal for a blockage in the flow of Qi (energy) in your body. When Qi is blocked the pressure builds up in the local tissues causing pain. The blockage can also limit the flow of Qi reaching a part of the body and over time results in limited movement and/or degeneration. Treatment helps improve your body’s healing abilities. It acts on the nervous system, reducing inflammation and promoting circulation to ease pain and speed up recovery.

Our 360° Health Programme and Acupuncture can help if you...

  • have been diagnosed with arthritis and are looking for a holistic approach in managing symptoms and preventing further deterioration

  • suffer with acute/chronic neck and back pain 

  • have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder or tennis elbow and are seeking a holistic approach to relieving symptoms

  • struggle with frequent headaches and/or migraines and are tired of taking tablets and want to address the root cause

  • battle with recurrent injuries from sports or training 

  • have nerve pain such as trigeminal neuralgia or sciatica and heard acupuncture can help

  • are preparing for a competition, cycle race, marathon or triathlon and looking to support performance, muscle recovery and prevent injuries 

  • have repetitive strain injury or tendonitis and want an alternative to taking pain relief to get you through the day

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Tailored to You

In consultation your Musculo-skeletal Symptoms will be discussed from an integrative perspective and treatment may include Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice, supplementation and Functional Medicine Testing and exercises to help. Our goal is not only treating your symptoms but address the root cause of your symptoms. 

Our Initial 360° Health Consultation is 90 minutes, to allow us the time to really understand your individual needs, to educate, and to create a safe and inviting place to share and be heard.  The Acupuncture Rebalancer Consultation is 60 minutes and for those only requiring acupuncture.

Noeleen 88

How It Works

Chinese Medicine views the processes of the body as an energy system. Health and wellbeing rely on the smooth and dynamic flow of Qi (energy) through the body through a series of meridians/channels beneath the skin. Treatment aims to restore the smooth flow of Qi correcting imbalances such as deficiencies, stagnations, and excesses. It improves bodily functions and promotes the natural self-healing abilities of your body.

What Appointment should I book?

If you only require acupuncture for pain relief and management you are welcome to book the Acupuncture Rebalancer. Otherwise for the full Health programme, we recommend booking in for a Women’s Health Initial or a Men's Health Initial Consultation. 

My friend recommended Noeleen to me and I couldn’t believe the results. I normally had a flare-up every 2-3 weeks and was unable to walk half a mile, after 5 sessions I had no pain and could walk 2-3 miles regularly. I just attend acupuncture every 4 months for a top-up or if I feel a niggle of pain and it settles it instantly. It is great not having to any medication now. Thank you so much Noeleen'

-Joan, aged 69 had been suffering from severe arthritic pain in her hands and back. She had just spent 2 weeks in bed and no drugs offered great relief.

Different People, Different Treatments

It is essential that you feel confident that we can work together to achieve your goal. This is why I offer a free 20 minute introductory call to anyone interested in learning more. So please do take this opportunity to have a chat and find out if we could work well together. There is absolutely no obligation to book a further consultation. 

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