Nutrition + Chinese Dietary Therapy

Nourish from within

Our approach to nutrition stems from a passion for food and nourishing life from a place of enjoyment, creativity and joy.

Nourishing nutrition is an integral part in achieving optimal health and wellness. Chinese medicine encompasses the art of mindful eating and an appreciation for its healing properties to achieve optimal health.

Noeleen is a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Integrative Nutritional Coach specialising in the role of diet and lifestyle in supporting women’s reproductive function supporting better periods, symptomless cycles, pre-conception care, IVF support and post-natal recovery. The diet and lifestyle advice we offer is evidence based and individualised programmes are devised for specific problems including weight gain or loss, hormonal disorders, immune function and inflammation responses.

Tests can be arranged to address the root cause of your symptoms (gut microbiome, nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, etc) with follow-up support provided.

“There is wealth of nutritional information available on the Internet that is conflicting, overwhelming and difficult to navigate. I don't focus on eating ‘superfoods’, nor do I advocate restrictive fad diets or counting calories. Instead I look at the diet and lifestyle as a whole and guide patients toward making healthier food choices and lifestyle changes. Tuning into the the energetic properties and benefits of each food group.

Food nourishes our bodies and relationships and I want to show you how easy it is to eat good food, look after yourself and how taking the time to look after yourself can benefit your body and mind in every way. It is not about a diet, it's a way of life to feel the best possible you.’

Nutrition and lifestyle guidance forms an essential part of all our 360° Health Programmes. Consultations are available in-clinic and virtually. 

Different People, Different Treatments

It is essential that you feel confident that we can work together to achieve your goal. Whether that is to improve your menstrual cycle, fertility, gut health, lose weight, increase your energy levels or identify food intolerances. This is why I offer a free 20 minute introductory call to anyone interested in learning more. So please do take this opportunity to have a chat and find out if we could work well together. There is absolutely no obligation to book a further consultation.

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