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Supporting you both for optimal fertility

It is estimated that male fertility accounts for about 30-40% of infertility cases in couple and men often coming to us. 

One of the most common reasons couples go to an IVF clinic is male factor infertility. Improving sperm with acupuncture is a proven technique. It is estimated that male fertility accounts for about 30-40% of infertility cases in couple and men often coming to us. 

Some may have been diagnosed with low sperm count, poor morphology (structure of sperm) and/or low motility (movement of sperm).  Research shows that acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs may improve the health and quality of sperm. Exposure to stress, nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxins are all reflected in the genetic material in sperm.  

During sperms 90-day development, there are a lot of things you can do to support healthy development.  A healthy diet, nutritional support and lifestyle changes can make a big difference to the health of sperm and are encouraged to increase the chances of a healthy conception and for the development and future of the baby.   

Using a holistic approach, Noeleen takes a detailed history of how your physical and lifestyle factors affect your fertility and suggests a treatment plan to suit you.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be prescribed along with diet, supplements and lifestyle changes where necessary. 

If you would like to book a couple's fertility consultation to discuss testing options and action you may take to improve your sperm parameters, please use the link below or contact us here.

Common factors that may affect sperm health include:
  • Anatomical problems: Varicocele, Testicular cysts, trauma, injury to the testes

  • Radiation: laptop computers, keeping smartphone in trouser pocket, flying regularly

  • Heat: hot baths, saunas, working as a chef in a hot kitchen, fever, tight underwear

  • Substance use: Drinking alcohol, smoking, recreational drug use

  • Exercise: too much or too little is known to negatively impact sperm quality, cycling should be avoided due to the pressure placed on the perineum, which can reduce circulation to the testes

  • Diet: high sugar, high sugar, high saturated fat diet, low in anti-oxidants, more than one cup of coffee per day

  • Environmental: Pesticides, xeno-oestrogens from plastic, pollution, toxic chemicals, heavy metals such as mercury

  • Health conditions: Auto-immune problems, Haemochromatosis, Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

Wherever you are on the path to parenthood, a consultation here can help clarify the road ahead

My first appointment with Noeleen was when I was undergoing fertility treatment. I was very emotional and Noeleen was a great listener and made me feel very at ease. She worked both with my husband and I. Noeleen went above and beyond to fit acupuncture around my IVF cycle. I firmly believe that my third round of IVF was a success due to a combination of her support both emotionally and physically. I went on to work with Noleen throughout my pregnancy through yoga and again after my little boy was born. My son and I bonded through baby yoga and baby massage under the calming and soothing environment which Noeleen created. I'll be forever grateful for both her professionalism and her personable approach through a very challenging time in my life. Claire x

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